Virtual Server VHDMount Tracing

Few weeks ago I received information about the VHDMount Tracing tool we added to the VHDMount into Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1. I wanted to share with you how you can use this tracing functionality to see when something goes wrong when trying to mount a VHD file.

In case you are facing any failures please do following

1) set VHD_MOUNT_TRACE=2 (on command prompt)

2) Download and run DbgView.exe from

3) This will create trace messages in DbgView.


VHD_MOUNT_TRACE=1 will output trace on console. Trace messages are appended by [Info][Warning][Error][Internal], which can be used to redirect it to file

VHD_MOUNT_TRACE=2 will output trace on debugger (kd / DbgView)

VHD_MOUNT_TRACE=3 will output trace on console and debugger both

If this env variable is not set, by default trace will only print Warning and Error messages on debugger.


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