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Last week I had the visit from Adam Carter and a camera crew (actually it was only one guy). They came over to Belgium to do an interview at the "Université Libre De Bruxelles" (ULB) which is a French speaking University in Brussels. Why did Adam come all the way from Redmond to Brussels? A few months ago I was part of a small team that helped the ULB with the implementation of their HPC environment. We implemented a 4 node Windows Compute Cluster Server to do some complex fluid dynamics calculations. I helped them installing the Cluster server because they are Chemical Engineers and not really IT Pro's. Why did they choose for CCS in the first place? According to them it was because they already knew how to work with Windows and after getting some demo's of CCS it was clear that they should stay on the Windows Path.


Having that said you still don't know why the filming crew was here? Actually we prepared a video that shared the story, the experiences of this customer after using this solution for about three - four months now. I was amazed with the results and the customer was too. They now have more time that they can spend on the different research projects instead of being in front of the servers. Within a few months there will be an announcement of a new big project together with a big player in the industry. I will post more information about this project when I am able to talk about it. So the ULB shared their story on video about how working with new Microsoft Technology helped them to be successful.


Do you have a story to share?  About you doing something cool with new or upcoming Microsoft Technology? Please let me know ( and it might get published onto this blog or another Microsoft site.


I am looking for IT Pro's that want to share there experience with the following technologies:

NAP, IIS7, Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1, Vista with Bitlocker, HPC, Moss 2007, PowerShell

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  1. adamca says:

    Arlindo, thanks for your hospitality!  I really enjoyed Belgium and found the visit with ULB really interesting. -adam

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