IT-Talks UG event: NTFS from A to Z

IT-Talks organize another UG meeting On June 30th where they will talk about NTFS from A to Z.

Topics of the day are:

  • NTFS physical to logical configuration

  • Active directory groups and NTFS security (AGDLP | AGUDLP)

  • Role base vs resource based access

  • Auditing

  • Distributed file system

  • Encrypted file system

  • Quotas

  • Access based enumeration

  • Volume shadow copy

  • ...

Before the actual workshop starts I have one hour to give an introduction into Windows Server 2008. It's a bit short but I will try to focus on the important changes we've made with this new Operating System.


If you are eager to learn something new I encourage you to check the IT-Talks website and register for this event. I know it's on a saturday but it's really valuable in depth information, workshop style, that you will receive during that day.


They are also introducing their new blog. So from now expect to get more information around security and hopefully much more. Anyway I am subscribed to the RSS feed.

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