Windows Live Beta Updates

The Windows Live team released some new Beta's including Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger 8.5

They have  made some huge improvements which will make my life as a blogger easier 🙂

Here are some of the improvements in Windows Live Writer:
Inline spell checking
Table editing
Ability to add categories
Page authoring for WordPress and TypePad 
Support for excerpts and extended entries 
Improved hyperlinking and image insertion 
Paste Special
Adding categories

Ever worked or still working with Outlook Express (I did at home) then this will be your new mail client.
You will be able to sync your Windows Hotmail using the Windows Live Mail client.

Check which other improvements we've made:
RSS feed aggregation 
Offline mail

Account aggregation for POP3 and IMAP mail accounts 
No more visual advertisements  (you switch them off 🙂 )
More Integration with Windows Live services

Check out this blogpost for more information and screenshots


And last but not least there is the new Windows Live Messenger 8.5 Beta which has now a new look and some new emoticons.


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  1. ScottIsAFool says:

    If anyone has any issues installing the new Live betas, we have some instructions that might be of use here

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