Visual Studio and in Game advertisement

Look how Microsoft Belgium is trying to reach more developers and not by using the traditional channels. They just launched a new campaign called "Defy All Challenges". I added a screenshot on how the advertisement in an Xbox game could look like. My colleagues Tom and Miel posted more information and screenshots onto their blog. Check it out to find out how this campaign will look like.


Don't Let Anything Get In Your Way - Defy All Challenges - Visual Studio


What do you think? Is it a good idea to try to reach more developers through this kind of in game advertisements. Would this also be good idea for advertisement of some of our other products? Like Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista? Please give me your feedback.


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Comments (1)

  1. KomatoZo says:

    Hmmm… It wont attract me. Actually, I haven’t XBOX. =)

    And even in case when I see some ads in games I’d rather prefer to play, not to read ads =)

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