Longhorn:: Windows Server Virtualization Feature Update

Last week Mike Neil the GM of Virtualization wrote a blogpost about the future of Windows Server Virtualization. And it wasn't good news at all we will have a beta version of Viridian when Longhorn server will be RTM. We will also postpone some important features, there will be no Live Migration, neither hot add memory,cpu or networking in the first version. And we will only support 16 cores/logical cpu's.

Why did we postpone those features? Because shipping is a feature too. Now I don't know if I would prefer delaying Windows Virtualization for let's say maybe another year (this is just a timeframe I don't know how much the delay would be) or just postpone some of the features. On the other hand I do understand that we don't want to ship something that doesn't meet our quality standards.

Still I do think we will a have a good Virtualization product. We still have a good set of features in Viridian and together with System Center Virtual Machine Manager we will be able to move forward towards a Dynamic Datacenter.


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