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WoW it has been a long time ago since I posted something onto this blog. It feels like I am writing my first blogpost again but for sure I will keen on blogging like I used to in the past. The reason for this is long silence is the following. First we had those amazing Dev & IT Pro Days 2007 back in March, for sure this was the best event our team ever organized. Mmm we will have a hard time next year to make it even better, it's something I look very much forward to.

It was also a great pleasure to see all the Dev and IT Pro related UserGroups at the booth and during this event we were able to announce a new UserGroup in Belgium called WinSec which will have a focus onto some of our Edge security products like ISA and IAG. If you are interested to become a member please send them a mail 

Here are some numbers to remember:

  • More than 1.350 registrations
  • More than 70 sessions
  • An architecture track with Ron Jacobs
  • 8 parallel break-outs
  • 2 pre-conference tracks

Some less obvious facts:

  • At least 45 people were working in the background to make the conference a success from Monday 26 March till Thursday night 29 March
  • 6.500 minutes of sessions were recorded (pre-conferences were not recorded)
  • The technical teams needed 3 trailers to transport all their equipment.
  • +1.000 meters of category 5 UTP cable for the internet connections
  • +250 kilo's of t-shirts
  • 8.500 liters of water and soft drinks (that is almost 3 liters per person per day!), thirsty anyone?
  • 10.000 sandwiches, hungry anyone?

Check out Tom Mertens who is my colleague, his blogpost where he looks back at the event. Today he released the link to 325 photos onto the conference. Those photos were taken by Ine Dehandschutter.

A day after the conference I almost missed my flight heading to Sharm El Sheik in Egypt were I was enjoying two weeks of holidays and for the first time in years I was completely disconnected. I did not bring my laptop and I resisted the temptation to synchronize my mobile phone. I told you that I almost missed my flight we'll I slept over for about 2 hours when my Mom came into my house to wake me. From then on it was a rush to the airport but we made it and we had a perfect family holiday. I enjoyed the weather up to 30°c and also scuba diving into the red sea. I did a fantastic dive onto the wreck called "Thistlegorm".

Scuba Diving in Sharm El Sheik


After two weeks we were back home and I was able to organize a surprise party for my lovely wife, she turned 30. The day after the party I needed to catch a flight heading to Athens in Greece and guess what? Yeps I slept over again, this time a friend of mine woke me up almost 2 hours before the flight in a rush to the airport I forgot my passport and went back home, yet again I made it. During the week I spent in Athens we, myself and my other colleagues Evangelists, had the opportunity to get training onto Longhorn server and at the same time to review the MS Learning content. It was a real honor to review the training content you might ever receive and please if you follow an Microsoft Official training on Longhorn give me your feedback. This was one of the best training sessions I ever had because we had some folks coming over from the product team in Redmond and even Michael Kleef an ITE from Australia came to Athens to deliver some security sessions.

By now Longhorn Server Beta 3 has been released, you can download it from here. PowerShell is now included as feature and we have made yet some other improvements for the Terminal Services, more on that in an upcoming blogpost to finally finish my 10 posts about Longhorn server.


Today I still need to catch up with tons of e-mails but suddenly realised that I didn't post anything onto this blog since the end of March. Bear with me this is the first post this month and I have some others to come.


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