Longhorn:: Hypervisor – Windows Server Virtualization Demo

I just posted the TechReady keynote demo, which I talked about earlier, on soapbox.

In this demo you will see:

  • Windows Server Virtualization running on Server Core managed from another Windows Server Longhorn box
  • 64-bit hosts and 32-bit hosts and a Linux running on the same server core box
  • An 8-core virtual machine
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager
  • System Center Operations Manager
  • Monitoring the VMs on the Server Core box 
  • Fire off a PowerShell script to hot-add another NIC to a SQL VHD Image

This demo is just awesome. I loved the PowerShell script where Jeff just added another NIC to a VM.

I can barely wait to get me hands on this kind of technology. Now I am already testing the Longhorn server but once I can get my hand onto the Windows Server Virtualization I will definitely move my VM towards this Technology.

Video: Longhorn - Windows Server Virtualization 


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  1. MikeW says:

    If you visit the url, you will see the page is titled Loghorn 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    Many thanks to Arlindo Alves (Microsoft Belgium) has just posted the Jeff Woolsey’s Hypervisor demo on

  3. Anonymous says:

    I got the privilege of seeing this recently – Im very impressed with it and like Ive blogged previously,

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mijn collega Arlindo Alves heeft op zijn blog een demonstratie toegevoegd van de Longhorn Hypervisor. Daarin…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m very sure you’ve all seen this by now…just in case you haven’t, you can get more details from Arlindo’s

  6. Anonymous says:

    OK, now I am getting excited and I have to thank fellow IT Pro Advisor Arlindo Alves for finding this

  7. m0e says:

    Sorry but it sounds more like bells and whistles to my hears. If you take time to learn about virtualization technologies in general; 2 cores in VM is not so efficient performance wise, overhead on 8 cores should be really nice to measure. An overloaded network adapter in a VM, *cough* it seems he had really nothing else to show us.

    I’ll be impress when I see disk controller + partition for e.g.

  8. Me says:

    Adding a second virtual NIC to a VM still does not change the fact that there is only 1 physical NIC in the host physical server.  You are not increasing throughput at all…

    If you really want to increase throughput, you would need to add a physical NIC to the Longdonghorn host server which – yes – means the same downtime.  And now, you have that same downtime for ALL VMs running on that host – not just the SQL server that needs it.  Wow…what a treat.

    A better demo would have been showing the live migration of the VMs to another host so that the original server could be brought down to add the physical NIC with NO downtime for the VMs.  Something that VMware can do today…

  9. Me

    Today with Virtual Server we are able to cluster and then failover the guest with downtime.

    Later with Windows Server Virtualization we will also have the live migration.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Everyone is familiar with the fictitious element of the planet Krypton. Strangely, this element is poisonous

  11. Anonymous says:

    From Arlindo’s blog I found an awesome Longhorn Hypervisor Virtual Server demo given at Microsoft. This

  12. raghav says:

    When would it be available? And what is the performance… so for hot adding the nic … some kind of API is required in the OS … would this be available to the competitors? And most importantly how much of it is vaporware?

  13. I don’t know yet when it will be available what have been said so far was Loghorn RTM +180 days but that might change?

    We will be able to do hot add nic, cpu and memory.

    Don’t know if it’s based on an api.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft zaprezentowaÅ‚ niezwykle interesujÄ…ce demo, podczas którego obejrzeć możemy najnowszÄ… technologiÄ™

  15. Leo Jacob says:

    VMware is going down with longhorns release it appears!

  16. Lance Murphy says:

    When will there be a beta available on MSDN for the hypervisor environment?

  17. Currently I don’t have a date when Virtualization will be available on MSDN. Even we MSFT internals don’t have access yet. But for sure when I have a date I will post it onto this blog. Stay tuned.


  18. Guy Ritchie says:

    I think that it’s "Awesome" how that after 32 years, Microsoft "still" can’t come up with their "own" inovative ideas.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Fiquei estes últimos dias com um post pronto revisitando segurança com virtualização e todas as possibilidades

  20. portuno says:

    What happens now that Viridian is pushed even further back and that with the most fundamental cross-platform capabilities ripped out of Viridian’s tender little body?

    Know what I think? I think the VCSY (Vertical Computer Systems) lawsuit for patent infringement against fundmental capabilities allegedly in .Net

    has much more to do with Microsoft software development than anyone in Micrsoft wants to admit.

    Read up on USPTO 6,826,744 and USPTO 7,076,521 and think through how YOU would do virtualization if you didn’t have these.

    This is the hidden danger of both those patents… doing one without the other is virtually useless.

  21. KORA-jp says:

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