Longhorn:: What’s new in Longhorn server blogpost series

In the next couple of months I will be focusing onto Windows Server Codename "Longhorn". What will I do? First of all I will have some speaking engagements at different events. The first one will be on March 7 during the TechNet Evening - Overview of What's New in Windows Server "Longhorn" (I'll post the subscription link when it's available) and the second talk will be at the Dev & IT Pro days where I will talk about the work we did to make Terminal Services in Longhorn server even better.


Next I will do several blogposts about What's New in Longhorn Server. In the first couple of blogposts I will talk about the 10 Reasons to prepare for Longhorn.

What are the ten reasons? We'll there are probably more than Ten reasons but in the coming blogposts I will highlight what I think are 10 very good reasons to prepare for Longhorn server.

Here is my list of possible topics:

    1. Server Management
    2. Windows PowerShell
    3. Internet Information Services 7.0
    4. Server Hardening
    5. Server Core
    6. Network Access Protection (NAP)
    7. Failover Clustering
    8. Branch Office Deployments
    9. Windows Server Virtualization
    10. New Terminal Services Capabilities

In the first post (which I hopefully will post tomorrow) I will talk about how we simplified the Server Management going from the Installation procedure to the Server Manager tool.


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  1. maki says:

    the much awaited longhorn came to be the one of the most awful release of Microsoft. I'm starting out my blogpost evoire.com/…/shockware2 please do check it out and tell me what you think. thanks!

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