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I did not have really lot's of time yet to blog about the things I learned here in Seattle, there so many interesting sessions that I need to attend which makes it difficult for me to find some time to blog about it.

We just had the keynote session from Bill Gates and Kevin Schofield who is the General Manager of Microsoft Research, during that session we saw some amazing demo's of what Microsoft Research is doing. One of the coolest demo was that they used a normal webcam to show the magic of software. So he put different objects under the webcam and the software was recognizing what these object were. He used objects, like a can, keys, business card, cup and even a Zune. The best part was how the software recognized an Ipod. Id did not display Ipod, but I won't tell you what is was. I'll let you guess. :). A few months ago I wrote a blogpost about some of the cool stuff we are developing at Microsoft Research here is the link to a very cool movie, check it out.


During Bill's keynote he talked about the new Windows Server Codename "Longhorn" platform and about how important the Virtualization stack will be in the future. I saw a really cool demo about the new Windows Virtualization technology in Longhorn. It was actually the first time I saw that Jeff Woolsey showed us a few different Virtual Machines the best one was an 8 CPU VM. He showed us how we can easily manage the VM environment with the System Center Virtual Machine manager, we even have a MOM pack for monitoring what's happening on those Virtual Machines. This is just awesome Technology I can't wait to get my hands onto that.


Now I am attending the IIS 7 administration session which is an overview session about what great improvements we made onto the product towards us the IT Pro's. One of the nicest's features is the fact that there is no meta-data database anymore, the settings are stored in XML files which makes it possible for us to deploy multiple IIS servers with the same configuration settings in just a few seconds. Just copy the XML files to all other IIS servers and you are done. I will try to write another post somewhere this week about all the improvements in IIS 7.



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    Here’s a few more item that have caught my attention recently: Bill Gates talks about the importantance

  2. Anonymous says:

    My Canadian colleague Rick Claus recorded a podcast with Jeff Woolsey Lead Program Manager for the Virtualization

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