Windows Live Services Overview

This week I received a mail from my colleague Alain - with the list of all Windows Live services.


I thought it might interest you to have a list of all our Windows Live services:

1. : Future entry point into the Windows Live Platform offerings (quite …empty… today though)

2. Shows the available Windows Live offering (market-dependant and possibly beta)

3. Personal home page for any Windows Live ID owner

4. Windows Live Search service to search the Internet for News, Pictures, Web Sites, RSS feeds, Academic Studies, etc

5. Blog/Picture shared page for any Windows Live ID owner

6. Web mail service available to any Windows Live ID owner. Enables contact management and calendar management and sharing as well.

7. Instant messaging service to enable text, voice and video conversations between any two or more Windows Live ID owners (or Bots). Entry point to Windows Live Call that enables call from a PC to any landline or mobile phone anywhere in the world.

8. Free service to occasionally check the state of your machine with regard to viruses, performance, cleaning and optimization.

9. Security service for maintaining the quality of 3 computer systems for any Windows Live ID owner. This is not beta anymore

10. Security service to allow any parent holder of a Windows Live ID to control how his/her children, each of them holder of a Windows Live ID, makes use of the Internet.

11. Directory of gadget, toolbar buttons, bots, etc all of them being individual elements usable inside of the Windows Live Platform.

12. Allows the creation and maintenance of e-mail addresses inside of a personal domain name, each e-mail address becoming a valid Windows Live ID

13. Cartography service with route planner, push-pins, etc available to anyone

14. Enables the management of Web favorites that is always available wherever you are.

15. Allows the management of the account of any Windows Live ID owner.

16. Internet-explorer-based toolbar for easy access to search, spaces, mail and other Internet resources through the use of toolbar buttons.

17. to hold and maintain the list of reminders you want the Windows Live Platform to send you.

18. to publish and broadcast any personal video.

19. Entry point for all developers who are willing to create applications using the Windows Live Platform services.

20. Entry point for all Windows Vista Gadget related resources

However, bear in mind that some services might not be fully available to Belgium.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Two great blog entries are available: On Arlindo Alvers’ blog a summary with the list of all Windows

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