TechNet:: 24 Hours of Exchange 2007

TechNet Webcast Series: 24 Hours of Exchange Server 2007

Get a comprehensive look at Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with the new "24 hours of Exchange" series. Our Exchange experts cover in-depth topics such as deployment and migration, the new Exchange Management Console and Shell, Unified Messaging, high availability, and security, providing you with the tools and knowledge that help optimize your Exchange Server environment. Whether you are currently administering Exchange Server or looking to migrate to Exchange, you do not want to miss these Webcasts. This series runs through April 14th, 2007. This month’s Webcasts: Integration of Exchange Server 2007 and the Active Directory (January 19), Exchange 2007 Transport and Routing Architecture (January 24), Planning Exchange Server Installation (January 26), Installing Exchange Server 2007 (January 31).


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