Happy New Year

Windows Server 2008 Roadshow

As from January 2008, you can discover the platform for yourself! In three hours of technical presentations and demonstrations, you can be ready when the launch comes. To make it easy for all of you to attend, we’ll be on the road for a week. During this roadshow we are going to talk about the…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. And for the one’s who wants to know the registration for the TechDays 2008 is open. Technorati Tags: TechDays


Guitar Hero III experts at Dreamhack

A few weeks ago I spent three days in Sweden to help out a fellow IT Pro Evangelist at Dreamhack. It was the first time I attended this event and I did know what to expect but once there I couldn’t believe my eyes so many people playing games doing fun stuff, etc.. What’s a…

Hyper-V Demo Videos

Just wanted to share some Demo Videos of Hyper-V in action:   Hyper-V SMP Virtual Machines Video: Symmetric Multiprocessing with Windows Server virtualization (Hyper-V)   Hyper-V Virtual Storage Video: Virtual storage for Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V   Hyper-V  Networking Video: Virtual networking with Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V   Technorati Tags: Hyper-V,Windows Server 2008,Virtualization


Beta Release of the Windows Deployment Services Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide

The Infrastructure Planning and Design guides are the next version of Windows Server System Reference Architecture. This series aims to clarify and streamline design processes for Microsoft infrastructure technologies, each addressing a unique infrastructure technology or scenario. All guides share a common structure including: Definition of the technical decision flow through the planning process. Listing…


Windows Server 2008 RC1 with Hyper-V Beta

It’s a big day for Microsoft virtualization! Today, we are announcing the PUBLIC RELEASE Windows Server 2008 RC1 with Hyper-V Beta! A few highlights include: 1. Quick Migration and high availability providing solutions for planned and unplanned downtime 2. Support for running Hyper-V with Server Core in the parent partition 3. Import/Export of virtual machines…

ProExchange UG Event: High Availability Features in Exchange 2007

On the ProExchange site you can read that Ilse has been able to arrange an online event around High Availability features in Exchange 2007 with as speaker the well known Scott Schnoll, Principal Technical Writer Exchange Team Microsoft Redmond. Here is an excerpt of her post: Here’s the short how? what? when? where? What? An…


TechNet Chopsticks Launched

Today we are officially launching TechNet Chopsticks. What’s TechNet Chopsticks? It’s something that has been developed by the MSDN/TechNet team in Belgium and is our new on demand webcast platform. The webcast player is based on silverlight and gives you the ability to take the content from the site and share it onto your blog….


Windows Server 2008 RC1 released

For those who are testing Windows 2008 already they will now that this new OS will be a great improvement for their environment. The development team has been really busy to still improve the product and that work leads to a Windows Server 2008 RC1 release. One of the new features included in RC1 is…