SQLUG UG meeting

The Belgian SQLUG are also holding fourth UG meeting, here is the info:

When? Thursday, January 25 , 2007

Where? Global Knowledge , Mechelen


6PM-6:30PM: Arrival

6:30PM-10PM: Breakout Session

Targeted Audience? All members of SQLUG

Breakout Session?

Werner Geuens - Senior Consultant at Cronos - will be speaking about XML  on our next UG-evening.

SQL Server 2005 introduces the new XML datatype. We can now store XML natively in the database. Does that mean that we can stop shredding? When is the XML datatype useful and what is typed and untyped XML? Werner will be answering these questions as well as going over XML Schema collection functionality and how this can help us to control the quality of XML documents in our database. He will also be showing us how property promotion can save the day and naturally he will talk about the different types of XML indexes and their use.

If you want to attend this session go ahead and register yourself to the http://www.sqlug.be site and then you will be able to register for this session.


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