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Do you want to receive a two month subscription to TechNet Plus Direct. TechNet Plus Direct is our new online version of TechNet Plus subscription, you will have the same information and software available but this time it's only online and not onto DVD.

If you are a member of our TechNet Community in Belgium and Luxembourg and you want to subscribe for this two month free trial, head over to our TechNet Plus Direct site and register. Once you register you'll be automatically subscribed to the TechNet Flash newsletter and receive a two month free trial to TechNet Plus Direct.

During your trial period our TechNet Plus Direct channel partner will contact you with an offer for a full two year subscription, without any obligation of course.

And YES both Windows Vista and the 2007 Office System are already available as downloads on the TechNet Plus Direct site for you to evaluate.

Comments (14)

  1. Gabriel Lozano-Morán says:

    Are these trial versions of Windows Vista and Office 2007?

  2. These are full versions for evaluation purposes and may not be used as production systems.

    The software is not time bombed.



  3. John says:


    already registered, how long will it take to receive the login data? they said "the coming weeks", and ideas how many weeks?


  4. John,

    Normally it should be before end of next week.



  5. Jörg says:


    is the trail-time still availible?

    And, could everybody applay for this?



  6. mayco says:

    You have to be from Belgium or Luxemburg AFAIK…

    But I don’t know if it’ still available… I registered two weeks ago, and still haven’t received an email… Do I have to wait longer, or did something go wrong?


  7. Michaël, Jörg,

    1. Indeed it is only for the Belux people as far as I know Italy and the Netherlands have something similar.

    2. When did you exactly register? If you applied after 15 Dec you will have to wait until Feb. If before you should have received already.

    Plse send me your e-mail to



  8. Kevin says:

    I also registered, but that was after December 15th. So I’ll have to wait until February before I get a mail?

    Will we still be able to get the trial?

    Thanks, Kevin

  9. Kevin,

    Yes you still will receive an e-mail with the trial information.

    Kind Regards,


  10. Steven says:

    Hi the link does not work and i would really like to try this site out, i want to buy vista and deploy it to my 13 machines at the office but would like to try it out first, can anyone help, thanks

  11. Lennart says:

    Are the cd-keys still working after the 2 months? And how about the activation process, will you still be able to activate your copy when the trail ends?

    Thanks, Lennart

  12. Lennart,

    Yes the keys will still be working and activation should not be an issue.

    Now note that those keys are for evaluation purposes only, so not test nor production environment.


  13. Mike Martin says:

    Any option on still subscribing to this offer? Every link I’ve tried already is unavailable as we speak. Or isn’t the offer not valid anymore?

  14. Unfortunately this offer is no longer available.

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