RDP Client 6.0 released


We've released the Remote Desktop Client (RDP) 6.0 this week. There are some new features like:

  • Network Level Authentication
  • Server Authentication
  • TS Gateway support
  • Multiple monitor spanning
  • ....

Have a look at the KB925876 article for explanation of the new features and you can download the different versions from there too.

This version has first been introduced with Windows Vista and Longhorn Server. I think with one of the nicest features additions is the TS Gateway support which is a way of doing RDP over HTTPS. The TSGateway functionality is part of the Terminal Services of Longhorn.


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Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft released a new version of the Remote Desktop Connection application aka as v6.0 of the Terminal

  2. William says:

    Is there any reason why Microsoft is inconsistant in its’ icon placement of "Remote Desktop Connection"? Windows 2000 and Windows XP both had the icon located in Programs|Accessories|Communications…

  3. Mischa says:

    If someone could tell me where I can find the shortcut now that would be great… I too thought it would be in the same old well known location… but can’t find it anywhere anymore

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