RDP Client 6.0 released

  We’ve released the Remote Desktop Client (RDP) 6.0 this week. There are some new features like: Network Level Authentication Server Authentication TS Gateway support Multiple monitor spanning …. Have a look at the KB925876 article for explanation of the new features and you can download the different versions from there too. This version has first…


SQL Server Upgrade Campaign

As it has been one year now that SQL Server 2005 has been released we decided it would be a good idea to put together a website which brings together information to help you upgrade to the latest release of SQL Server. On this website you will find valuable resources like Webcasts, White Papers, Case…


Vista:: Download the Windows Vista Product Guide

Just wanted to share with you that we released the Windows Vista product guide. It’s a guide that explains feature by feature the new Windows Vista. The guide is available in two formats Word 2007 and the XPS format.   Download Product Guide Technorati tags: Vista, Product guide, microsoft


Vista:: Blocking USB Storage devices

Today I was working at a booth on a Partner Event. I was explaining how we can block the installation of USB devices by using Group Policies. I also showed how we can change the default message a user gets when he tries to install such a device. I talked about the fact that we…


Vista:: Slow down Aero animations

  Last week I read a blogpost on how to slow down the animations in Vista. Basically you have to add a registry key and HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM\ add the Dword key AnimationsShiftkey with value 1 and log off and log back on.   Once you have logged on again you can slow down the animations by…


Belux: Upcoming TechNet Events

  TechNet Evening : Upgrading to SQL Server 2005 – Tips and tricks from the field Frederik Vandeputte will demonstrate different upgrade scenarios and show you the pros and cons of each upgrade path. He will pinpoint potential pitfalls and show you the tools which can help you during the upgrade process. Level 300+When?  December…


Funcast:: How to create Blogs and Wiki’s with SharePoint 2007

  Today Bart Bultinck, who is a member of the Belgian IT Pro community, give his first Funcast about “How to Create a Blog and Wiki with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007”. Although it was his first time it went well and we will continue drive this initiative. The funcasts are not deep technical level but are demo based sessions…


Powershell Analyzer

Are you looking for a good Powershell Text Editor, don’t look further. Thanks to David I found this really good Powershell Texteditor.   You can always download the latest version from http://www.powershellanalyzer.com/.   Source: CCalderon   Technorati tags: Powershell, Powershell Editor  


RSS Bandit update

The RSS bandit team listened to us the users and on the blog of Dare Obasanjo you can read that they found a solution for this problem. They have tracked the problem down to an issue with the SandDock GUI components that are used by RSS Bandit. In what they call the Jubilee release they will…



I know most of you already know that we Released To Web (RTW) Windows Powershell 1.0 for Windows XP SP2 or Windows Server 2003. Go ahead and download Powershell 1.0. On the Vista team blog Alex Heaton wrote a post about 12 cool features of Windows Powershell.   Today I discovered a link on the Canadian…