Ready For a New Day? We are (almost)

Yesterday we had the first dry-run sessions and most of the went well. There was one thing that every presenter really really liked. Most of them had the reaction wow this is cool and believe me it is. I have your attention now? You want to know what it is? Let me explain it's all about the projector we are using.

A projector, nothing special? Well our's is very special because we have Windows Vista running onto this projector. This is great to see how our products are used and the fact that they are not only used for a personal computer but also for lot's of other devices.


We are using a Barco iCon which normally has Windows XP running on it, we are currently testing Windows Vista for this projector and it works very very well. The nicest part of this projector is that you  can position up to four projection sources simultaneously onto the screen. We will use two of them one will be the PPT which we even could run on the projector instead of using the laptop because we also installed Office 2007 onto this cool device. The other window will be the demo window and we can easily switch between full screen and dual screen.


This week I even tested the network projector functionality, this let's you connect to the Barco iCon using the network projector client in Windows Vista. I must admit it works ok but when the ppt is very heavy to send you see some latency onto the screen. Anyway this is a very cool product and the native resolution of this projector is super. The native resolution of the iCon H600 is HDTV 1920 x 1080.

Barco will have a booth at the event so go ahead and talk to them if you need more information about their products.


Personally I find this the best projector I ever used so far and it runs Windows Vista.



Comments (3)

  1. ALEX Cautaerts says:


    please call me to give me more info about your session !!!!

    alex 0475 78 71 58

  2. Ronald L. says:

    is there any link or site that I can see the video of how the new campaign was launched and revealed?

    will appreciate and be thankful if you can email me

  3. H. Lucia says:


    which version of Vista did you use and were there some problems, when you tested it?

    Please email me


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