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As you might have read on this blog I am a content owner and speaker on our Business Innovation Day event which takes place on Nov 9th here in Belgium. I want to share my experiences as a content owner, check out this blog as I will post more about being part of such a big event.

So we are getting closer and closer to the event date and as I speak we have more than 5000 subscriptions to this event. And if I look at the numbers it seems that the Track where I own three sessions out of four has the most subscriptions. This is great!!!


Beside of being content owner I am also responsible for the hardware delivery. We will all present on Dell D820 machines with Windows Vista and Office 2007 as base applications. I almost get 10 e-mails a day asking when will these machines be delivered. I always answered soooon, now today I could announce that the laptops finally arrived. Now the installation part can start and I will have less e-mails to respond to 🙂

This week we already had our slide deck reviews. After the first review we all had the same conclusion less slides more demo's. And I promise you that our sessions in the "Reduce security risks and deployment costs" track will contain lots of demo's.


Today I started the installation of an Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003  and I can't tell you to much about the hardware we are using but I can share with you that we are having a 4 node HPC cluster each running on a Dual Quad Core processor. Did I say dual quad core machines? No? Maybe? Come and see at the HPC boot where we will show you the power of Windows High Performance Computing. I will blog about the installation procedure later on this week.


Tomorrow more Vista, Office 2007, Windows Server and Virtual Server installations, slide deck and demo reviews. More about the sessions later.


Want to join us at the event :



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