IE7 and Automatic updates

We will soon release Internet Explorer 7 and this new release will be delivered as a High Priority update through Automatic Update.

If you are a an administrator of your machine and as soon as the Internet Explorer setup is downloaded you will have three options:

1. Install: The installation procedure will start after the genuine windows check and the homepage, favorites and search settings will be kept.

2. Do not Install: You will not be asked again to install IE7, however if you have admin privileges you can always use the optional update to install IE 7 afterwards.

3. Ask again later: The installation process will be canceled and the Automatic Updates will ask you again after 24 Hours.

Once IE7 has been installed you can always revert back to the Internet Explorer 6 you had previously.


We developed a blocker tool if you as an Admin do not want to have the IE7 delivered through Automatic Updates. With this tool and Group policies you will be able to block the deployment of IE7 through Automatic Updates however it will not prevent the manual installation of IE7.

If you are using other technologies like Windows Update Service (WSuS) or SMS 2003 to manage the update of IE delivered through the Windows Update or Microsoft Update.


These screenshots of how IE 7 can be delivered through Automatic Updates is still work under progress and still can be changed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The upcoming deployment of IE 7 via auto updates and WSUS is coming soon but if you have SBS 2003 R2

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