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On the you can find two tips about UAC. The first one is how to see what you current credentials allow's you to do. The second one is how to run elevated applications much easier (some of them).


How to see what your current credentials allows you to do:

start cmd prompt and type "Whoami /all" you will then get an output of your username, Sid, which groups you belong to and the privileges you have. There are different parameters you could use with this command for example if you run "Whoami /priv" you get the list of privileges you have. Try this out with a normal cmd prompt and with one that runs in elevated mode and notice the differences.


How to run elevated app's quickly:

This is a handy tip go on and:

1. click on the start (orb) and type in the command for example cmd.

2. Hold down the Ctrl + Shift keys and then press Enter.

Now the elevation (UAC) prompt will show up asking you if you want to run this app in elevated mode.
I did try this out and it works however there is only one way of making this work. For example if you want to start IE in elevated mode then the first thing you will try keeping this tip in mind is start-orb - type Internet (IE will be on top of the list) - hit ctrl+shift  +Enter. What happens now? Nothing? Why? Because if you want to use this function you need to have the app name instead of searching for this name. How will IE work then? Simple, start-orb  - type iexplore - ctrl+shift + Enter. Now the UAC elevation prompt will show up.


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