Ready for a new day????


November 9th will be the day that we will have the biggest event in Belgium.  During that full day we will share lot's of information about Office, Vista and Exchange. There will be 16 breakout sessions of 30 min's.

I am responsible for 3 sessions about Vista & Office Deployment, Vista Management and Vista security. During these sessions we will show you why Vista is the best operating system we ever released.  But we will not only talk about Vista we will show you what are the new communication, security, features in Exchange and many more. Just check out the website to find the agenda of this important day.

So I am (almost) ready for a new day and you?

And as a finishing touch we will have a keynote with Bill Gates.

Curious about the event, want to subscribe ?

Comments (3)

  1. Keith Combs says:

    Can I come?  I’ll be happy to help present or co-present.  Will work for Belgium beer.

    Speaking of beer, what is the most popular beer there?  I recall liking Leffe Blonde.

  2. Well I don’t think I have any budget to cover your T&E but I could give you a speaking slot.

    I used to drink Leffe blond, now I drink just regular beer like Jupiler, Stella.

    But if you want to try the heavy stuff go ahead and try Duvel, Triple Tappist and so on.

    Lot’s of choices here.

  3. Gabriel Lozano-Morán says:

    You should also give the Trappist beer Chimay a try and let’s not forget La Chouffe. I believe that you can buy Leffe in a lot of countries thanks to InBev it is possible that they changed the name for the US market but that is just me guessing.

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