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Yesterday I discovered the following, If you have two machines that are member of the same Active Directory domain and you change your domain password on one. And if you logon to the second machine without network connection. So far so good. After a while you connect the second machine to the network then Vista will give you the following easy to understand dialogue box. I am not quite sure if this existed on Windows XP, it has been so long ago since I used this OS.


Just lock your computer, unlock it and type your new password and you are done. I call this a neat User Experience, easy to understand and very visible dialogue boxes.


Any feedback about the existence of such feature in Windows XP is welcome.

Update: Apparently it is the same on Windows XP and Windows 2003, I just never noticed it because as a good Admin I always lock down my machines. Thanks for the feedback

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Comments (2)

  1. Peter Nield says:

    I’ve seen a Windows Server 2003 do that, just today in fact!

    A domain admin user account password was changed, and at a Windows Server 2003 machine left logged on with that account had that notification appear some time later.

  2. MOW says:

    XP also does this

    Greetings //o//

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