Talking about Evangelism

Just got back from dinner with Thomas Lee  who is an MVP and Ilse Van Criekinge who is one of the founders of Pro-Exchange and guess what we talked about yeah powershell. I enjoyed talking about powershell providers and cmdlets. You know that Exchange 2007 has a lot of cmdlets to make the management of an Exchange 2007 infrastructure much easier and Operations Manager mostly rely on the Powershell providers. But enough on that we also talked about many other IT Pro (geek) stuff and the fact that he maybe presenting at our Dev & IT Pro days.

And finally what Ilse did today is what we call Evangelism, she actually converted Thomas to like our Exchange 2007 product which what was not the case before. So I have to thank Ilse for doing a part of my job in evangelizing Exchange 2007.


As I was looking for the link to Thomas his blog if found a post  about a really cool product that leverages the power of Powershell to create so called gadgets. Go ahead and take a look at the Powergadgets site.

Comments (2)

  1. Thomas Lee says:

    I think that Vivek must bear some of the responsibility for my conversion, Ilse was just the icing on the cake!

  2. microgod says:

    Looking at the blog on PowerGadgets mentioned above I see that there is made mention of a . Comparing the two offerings is quite interesting. They seem to be leveraging off the same idea with different technologies. I wonder which would be easier to use from an allround reporting, analytics and administrative perspective.

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