Today I was at the EuroOSCON conference in Brussels most of the day.
The first keynote in the morning was done by Tim O'Reilly.

Open Source 2.0

Tim talked about Open Source 2.0. His main question was what is the value of opens source when the data is not open. It's actually a good question how much is an open api, application worth when the data is not?


He also talked about what we don't know yet about open source 2.0:

  • We don't know yet what the platform future will look like
  • What does it mean for a web service that is open?
  • etc..

Something I found really interesting when he was comparing the top 10 websites. You will find out that the craigslist is on the top ten and is a company with about 20 employees and that other sites have thousands of them.

Tim also mentioned that vitalization is worth a look on it. For us at Microsoft Vitalization is very important and with Virtual Server and Hypervisor, Virtual Machine Manager we have really good products to virtualizes and manage your virtual world.

craigslist factsheet

Q: What is craigslist?
A: Local community classifieds and forums - a place to find jobs, housing, goods & services, social activities, a girlfriend or boyfriend, advice, community information, and just about anything else -- all for free, and in a relatively non-commercial environment.

Q:How much traffic does craigslist get?
A: More than 4 billion page views per month

Want some more facts :


The second morning keynote was a very entertaining one given by Tor Nørretranders 

Attention, Please! Who Are We?

Tor's session was very very entertaining and you it was too bad for us that he did not have more time to talk to us.

Tor talked about peacocks and their tail, it's not functional but it's made for sex 🙂 relating to the handicaps principle (Israeli biologist Amotz Zahavi). 

In the end peacocks and open source are the same thing, isn't it.

His conclusion was:

Dare, Care & share ==> Attention ===> Sex, Jobs and Recognition. But maybe not in that order he concluded.


CodePlex and Port25

The rest of my time I stayed at the CodePlex - Port25 booth where I talked to many people about the site. Most of the attendees like the fact that we are working on projects like CodePlex and Port25.

You want to know what codeplex is:

CodePlex is Microsoft's community development web site. You can use CodePlex to create new projects to share with your fellow developers around the world, join others who have already started their projects, or use the applications on this site and provide feedback

What is Port25:

 Port 25 is open. The people, insights, and analysis from the Microsoft Open Source Software Lab. Read the Port25 Mission

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