Yesterday I was talking to Kris Hoet about blogging and feedreaders. We talked about how many blogs we read and which feedreader and which editor to use, etc ...
If you read my blog often you know I like RSS bandit but had some issues with this piece of software on my Vista box. Now Kris told me he was using a new feedreader, it's called GreatNews.

If you read his blog "Cross The Breeze" you noticed that he really love this reader and he convinced me during our talk about blogging to try it out and guess what. I have GreatNews no, I installed it and must admit it has sort of the look and feel of RSS bandit but faster and some nicer features.

I can now read my +100 feeds without have to click to every feed I subscribed to. If you use the keyboard just hit the space key and with the mouse you can scroll through the blog posts. By the way Kris celebrated his 400th feed subscription.


A last nice thing I just discovered is that there  is a Windows Live Writer (which is my blogpost editor) plugin for GreatNews.


Thanks Kris for showing me this awesome feedreader. It works so much better on Vista then RSS Bandit.

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Comments (3)

  1. Kris Hoet says:

    Well, you helped me out as well. I just found out about the Windows Live Writer plugin here 😉 That is Great News!

  2. Thomas Lee says:

    Thanks for this pointer. I’ve been using Feed Demon, but with updates to V2.0, I’ve been looking for a new product. Thanks for this pointer – and I’ll be blogging about it soon!

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