BDD 2007 Beta Updated for Windows Vista RC1

The BDD 2007 Beta has been available on connect for a while and have now been updated to support the deployment of Vista RC1.

Here is the list of changes we made:

  • Zero Touch Installation (ZTI) using SMS 2003 (requires OSD Update build 3726) in addition to Lite Touch Installation (LTI) when SMS 2003 is not in place.
  • Windows XP desktop image creation.
  • x64 hardware (running Windows XP or Windows Vista).
  • BDD Workbench installation of the Windows AIK during first use.
  • Windows Deployment Services images for Refresh, Replace, New, and Upgrade scenarios.
  • BDD Workbench now builds the set of files needed for SMS 2003 OS Deployment Feature Pack package creation.
  • Office 2007 deployment is integrated into the BDD Workbench to build the source share, create, and populate the application selection screens.
  • New OS source move feature-faster than copy when adding a new OS to Workbench and the source is the same drive-primarily added to enhance demos and training.
  • Application grouping with dependency checking.
  • Product ID key handling for Windows XP and Windows Vista deployment scenarios.
  • Removable media deploy points and better filtering to reduce media size.
  • Fewer restrictions on version mixing of newer WAIK and Vista releases. Version checks now performed and detected issues are displayed.
  • User State Migration Tool (USMT) update for Windows Vista RC1.

This Beta release of BDD 2007 is not feature complete. For more information, please see the Release Notes included with BDD 2007 Beta 2.

Go ahead and download it.


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