Visual Web what????

Yeah just finished downloading Visual Web Developer. I want to develop a litle website with some database functionality. Where to start? I started with the installation of Visual Web developer and my colleague Tom Mertens pointed me to some starter kits where I could find pre-defined websites.

I found 5 different starter kits:

Coming weeks or maybe better months I wil TRY to create such a site.What do I want simple I need a member list with personal info, easy to filter, change and add records and the second db I need is to create some news items and if it would be rss enabled it would be even better. I am not a developer, I never created much more than some VBscripting and a bit of Powershell scripting. I will let you know how easy it was. If you don't here from me anymore it means I failed. But I won't (I hope).

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  1. Tom Mertens says:

    If you register your copy of VWD, you’ll get access to several extra benefits. Example: an MSPress e-book on Visual Web Developer, extra components, etc… See for all the details, and…… Good luck with development experience! 😉

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