System Center Virtual Machine Manager Beta 1

I just received a mail to say that we released the System Center Virtual Machine Manager Beta 1 (SCVMM Beta1).


Howto download:

1. Go to

2. Sign in with your Passport or Windows Live ID

3. Select "VMM Beta 1"

4. Please note that SCVMMM Beta 1 is for "test/lab environment" deployments only

5. Make sure you read the Getting Started with Virtual Machine Manager and Requirements for Deploying Virtual Machine Manager  before installing Beta 1.


I can't wait to test this out as I really like Virtual Server and I also like the fact that with SCVMM I will be able to manage them better. I wrote an article about SCVMM (code name "Carmine") a while ago when I was at the MMS2006 conference in San Diego. I told you that I would start testing the SCVMM very soon. I think I will install it somewhere this week and blog about it later on.


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