Microsoft ExTRA 1.0


Yesterday we released the Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant (ExTRA).

ExTra is an union of the Exchange Performance Troubleshooter (ExPTA),  the Disaster Recovery Analyzer (ExDRA) and a new analyzer called the Mailflow Troubleshooter (ExMFA). 


So in short ExTRA is ExPTA, ExDRA and ExMFA and in a later stadion we might add ExBPA wow and that in one line.

The ExMFA is the new part into ExTRA. The mailflow troubleshooter attempts to walk  through the process by starting with a issue and go further towards the root cause of the issue. The initial set of issues the tool will deal with are:

· Non-delivery reports (NDR's) are being received.

· Mail from an external source is slow or blocked.

· Mail to an external source is slow or blocked.

· Mail queues are backing up.

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