I want this Laptop

With Vista we introduced computer performance rating and I just found out which laptop I want. My US colleague Keith Combs has the fastest laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad T60p) according to the tool I saw.


Keith explains in his blogposts how the performance rating is working in current builds.

I wish I had this laptop, this is my best machine:


Who has a better rating on his laptop then 4.1????? Let me know arlindoa@Microsoft.com 

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Comments (3)

  1. Gabriel Lozano-Morán says:

    Imho the Thinkpad T60P is a very pricey beast with an end user price of approximately €3700 I am pretty sure that I would buy a different notebook like:

    * HP NW9440

    * MacBook Pro 2.16Ghz Intel Core Duo 17"

    Where I prefer the MacBook Pro 🙂

  2. I played around with the MacBook Pro and indeed it is a nice and fast machine, but with neither Apple and Microsoft support for running Vista and I didn’t like the keyboard to much.

  3. Gabriel Lozano-Morán says:

    Myself I am thinking of buying either the Dell XPS or the XXODD XNi570U3 (http://www.xxodd.nl/)

    XXODD was previously known as Promedion and they create excellent performance beasts unfortunately the brand is not so popular as Dell or Lenovo.

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