We do innovate :: take a look @ Play Anywhere

Go get a look at the on10 site where they posted a video about something I find really really cool, they call it play it anywhere or should we call it work anywhere.

Take a projector a camera and a piece of software and start playing around, play a movie on a piece of paper, download information from your cell phone and display it with the projector. Yeah there are many many environments which this kind of technology or should I call it innovation would be very useful.


Want to know more about it? Enjoy and also you will see how the microsofties in Redmond will always find their way to a starbucks.

Interesting article about the technology : http://www.trnmag.com/Roundup/2005/TRN_Research_Ne...


Can't get enough of innovation look at this blogpost from my colleague Tom Mertens about the Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth again an innovation which could change the way we use digital imaging today.


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