Regmon, Filemon, PS-Tools now from Microsoft?

Yes I think every IT Pro know them the regmon, filemon, ps-tools from systinternals, I certainly used them a lot during my previous live as an System Engineer where I had to install many servers and most of them where Terminal Servers where you can really use the Regmon and filemon tools to make sure all applications work well on a server based computing environment.


Anyhow if you don't know the tools I recommend you to take a look at them. But the guys (Mark Russinovich and Brice Cogswell) behind sysinternals are also the guys that runs wininternals. Wininternals have developed a different products like Recovery Manager, Protection Manager, Defrag Manager and Administrators pak


So what is this post all about, well we just bought the company, read the press release from wininternals. I think this is a very good thing for Microsoft we can now add their tools onto the OS.

Great Mark Russinovich is on his way to Microsoft.


Source: Kevin Remde

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