Meeting Belgian Bloggers @ Microsoft

Few weeks ago my colleagues Tom and David
invited me to the Blogger meeting they where organizing.I immediately
accepted as this was an opportunity for me to learn to know some of our
Belgian bloggers.

And it was we had prepared our Demo machine to give them a demo
about Windows Vista and Office 2007. So far nothing to new but it seems
cool to us to show it on a MAC book pro using bootcamp. And it turned
out well because we are creating some buzz about the fact we did a
Vista demo on a MAC (and also about the lobster).

We borrowed the Macbook pro form our colleague Hans Verbeeck who so kind to prepare the machine for us.

It was so cool because earlier  I was talking to some of the
bloggers who are also MAC users about Vista and the conversation turned
out with the question does Vista runs on a MAC. Yeah it does..... (
Watch and see)

Few moments later David was showing the great functionalities of Vista and Office 2007 on a MAC.  
After the demo's Tom had also invited another colleague Patrick Viaene who talked about 
Windows Genuine Advantage“: the anti-software-piracy initiative.

Coolz0r created a post about what he saw during the meeting.

Anyhow it was an interesting meeting with great talks and food
(lobster) and many of the bloggers went home and started to
create some buzz around Microsoft Belgium  presenting on a

Here are some of the links I found about the event:

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Coolz0r: microsoft-serves-lobster

Macenstein: Microsoft demos Windows Vista on a Macbook Pro?

Pietel: Diegem (dutch) Microsoft Demos vista on a Macbook

Smetty: Microsoft Dualiteit (dutch)

Cult of Mac: MS Demos Vista on MacBook Pro

Macuser: Microsoft demos Vista on macbook

Digg: Microsoft presenting Vista on an Apple

QJ Net: Microsoft demos Vista on a Macbook Pro


And when I almost finished this post I came to a post of another colleague, Kris Hoet, who also had already a list of blogposts.

The list is far from complete, please let me know If you find some posts that are not on the list yet.

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