Vista:: Extending disks online

With Vista it is now possible to extend a volume online, it is only a basic version of the well known disk manager tools.

The next screenshots shows how it’s possible to extend the c:\ volume online.

Open then Disk Management console (Manage computer)

I selected the C:\ drive, you can see that the drive is 39,06GB, and choose “Extend Volume” .

The Disk extension wizard fires up.

You can choose the amount of space you will assign to the c:\ drive. For this example I took 1024MB.

Click on finish and the C:\ drive has been extended with 1024MB see the next screenshot.

This can be a useful feature of Vista although it has limited possibilities, for instance if you have two partitions you can only extend the partition that is before the free space. With the other tools you can move the free space and extend the different partitions.

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