Windows Vista User Experience

I was playing around with my new Vista build and wanted to log off the system, but I did not save my Word document so I've got the following error:

I really liked this error window, it is exactly telling me why the system cannot log off. So I had the choice continue log off and loose my document or click cancel and save my document.

This will really help the end-user to understand what is happening.


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  1. Gabriel Lozano-Morán says:

    I really love the new look and feel. I just wish I was one of the Vista beta testers. Hey Arlindo maybe you can pull some strings and put me on the beta testers list 🙂


    The .NET Aficionado

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Gabriel,

    You could register yourself to the site and get the public beta as soon it is released.

    I will look if it is possible to do something for you but I doubt it.

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