Post Dev & IT Pro Days Part III

My colleagues Tom Mertens and David Boschmans made their complete wrap-up about the Dev-IT Pro Days 2006. I took their list of Belgian bloggers , you can find them below, check it out to know what some of the Attendees and Speakers found about the event:

Let start with some of the men behind the Dev - IT Pro Days:

Tom Mertens: Belgian Developer & IT Pro Days 2006: Some Facts
David Boschmans: Wrapping up: Developer and It-Pro Days 2006

Now go on with some of the speakers and attendees:

Let me know if you saw another blog about Dev & IT Pro days which is not in this list and I will add it onto this list.

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  1. Wesley Backelant says:

    Please note that I posted a more nuanced reaction on my blog 😉

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