SoftGrid Client Error Code: 410038-0060922C-800736B1

Here’s another common issue we get from time to time that I think deserves a little pub: ====== SYMPTOMS When you try to start a sequenced application in the Microsoft SoftGrid Client, the application does not start. Additionally, you may receive an error message that resembles the following error message: The SoftGrid Client could not…


SoftGrid Error: A Remoting Error Occurred. Error Code: 0000C824

We’ve seen a couple of these lately so I want to send a heads up in case you run into it: SYMPTOMS When you try to connect to the SoftGrid Management Web Service from the SoftGrid Management Console, the connection is unsuccessful. Additionally, you receive the following error message: A remoting error occurred. Make sure…


New KB Article: When you use the SoftGrid Management Console it may crash

We published a new Knowledge Base article you might be interested in reading about.  We see this from time to time so if you’re having trouble with your SoftGrid MMC you’ll want to be aware of this one. you use the SoftGrid Management Console, it may crash10/12/2007EN-US J.C. Hornbeck

New Knowledge Base Articles for 8/26 through 9/1

Here are the new SoftGrid Knowledge Base articles that published between August 26th and September 1st.  Yep, there’s only one again this week and if you’ve been keeping up with the blog you’ve already seen this one but I figured I would go ahead and post it anyway just in case. SoftGrid 4.2 release notes and updates…