Introducing Microsoft Office 2013 Preview App-V package

As some of you already know, we shipped the Microsoft Office 2013 Preview App-V package with our App-V 5.0 Beta 2 release in July 2012. We believe that this is a HUGE win for our customers. Over the years, we have received tremendous feedback from our customers regarding better and deeper integration with Microsoft Office. We, in App-V, feel proud to say that with Microsoft Office 2013 Preview App-V package, we have addressed that feedback. The Microsoft Office 2013 Preview App-V package is a pre-built package, which can be added to the App-V 5.0 client or imported to the App-V 5.0 server like any other App-V package. There is neither any sequencing involved nor the need to use a deployment kit, as one had to do with Microsoft Office 2010 using App-V 4.6. Above and beyond the simplified deployment model, the Microsoft Office 2013 Preview App-V package offers much deeper integration between App-V and Microsoft Office, than we have ever offered before.

Microsoft Office 2013 Preview – App-V 5.0 Beta 2 package information

The 32-bit Microsoft Office package is a Microsoft Windows 32-bit on Microsoft Windows 64-bit (WoW64) package and can be deployed on computers with a 32-bit or 64-bit chip architecture.

The 64-bit Microsoft Office package requires a computer that is running a 64-bit version of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Server 2008 R2.

The Microsoft Office packages are designed to run using the App-V 5.0 Beta 2 release using the following link

Package Information

The 32-bit WoW64 O15 Technical Preview package for App-V includes the following:

· ProPlusVolume_VisioProVolume_ProjectProVolume_en-us_x86.appv

· ProPlusVolume_VisioProVolume_ProjectProVolume_en-us_x86_DeploymentConfig.xml

· ProPlusVolume_VisioProVolume_ProjectProVolume_en-us_x86_UserConfig.xml

The 64-bit O15 Technical Preview package for App-V includes the following:

· ProPlusVolume_VisioProVolume_ProjectProVolume_en-us_x64.appv

· ProPlusVolume_VisioProVolume_ProjectProVolume_en-us_x64_DeploymentConfig.xml

· ProPlusVolume_VisioProVolume_ProjectProVolume_en-us_x86_UserConfig.xml

Enabling scripting on the App-V 5.0 Beta 2 client

Scripting is required to run the Microsoft Office 2013 Preview package. One can enable scripting on the client via App-V 5.0 Client setup, Group Policy or PowerShell cmdlets.

To enable scripting on the App-V 5.0 client via PowerShell, type the following commands using an elevated PowerShell command prompt:

PS>Set-ExecutionPolicy bypass –Scope currentuser. Press Y.

PS> Import-module appvclient and press Enter.

PS>Set-AppvClientConfiguration –EnablePackageScripts 1

Deploying the Microsoft Office 2013 Preview package

The Microsoft Office 2013 Preview package can be deployed and managed in the App-V environment like any other App-V package. Please find below the instructions for adding the package on a standalone client. For more information on how to manage the package on the App-V 5.0 Beta 2 Server, please refer to the App-V 5.0 Beta 2 documentation found at


clip_image001 This procedure does not require an App-V 5.0 Beta 2 management server.

clip_image001[1] It is recommended that you deploy the Office 2013 package globally to a computer.

Deploy an App-V 5.0 Beta 2 package to a computer

Use the following procedure to deploy an Office 2013 Preview package to a computer to allow all users to use the Office applications.

1. Complete all prerequisites required to have the App-V 5.0 packages on a target computer.

2. Open an elevated PowerShell command prompt, and enter the following commands:

PS>Import-module appvclient

PS>$pkg= Add-AppvClientPackage <Path to package location>

Running this command adds the package and returns the PackageId and VersionId into $pkg.

PS>Publish-AppVClientPackage $pkg -Global

This will publish the Office 2013 Preview package for all the users on the computer and allow them to use the Office applications.

clip_image001[2] Note

To modify the default integration settings, shortcuts or FTAs of the applications in a package, you can use the DynamicDeploymentConfiguration files while adding or publishing the package. For more information on how to do that, refer to the App-V 5.0 Beta 2 documentation found at


We, the App-V team, believe that the pre-built Microsoft Office 2013 package addresses the needs of our valuable customers. As always, we are eager to have your feedback. If you have not tried the Office 2013 Preview App-V package till now, you can do so by downloading it from Do let us know, what you think of it!

Comments (15)

  1. Hello Everyone, Please look here:…/2772509 to find out more about the Office 2013 App-V package.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This represents significant value for my company.  Please continue to integrate Office and other Microsoft products, it is vital to our continued success with App-V.  So far it is working great, thank you for delivering this!

  3. xpclient says:

    With Office 2010, the Home & Business edition *was* available in pre-sequenced form via Click-To-Run. Nevertheless, this is a good improvement. The real value is if Microsoft can offer an evaluation of the final version of Office 2013 in an App-V package that accepts genuine product keys for any edition so we can just buy a product key card and conver the evaluation edition into the one we bought.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can you advise when the expected release of App-V 5.0 is? I think Microsoft should of held their Server 2012 release date until key datacentre technologies lined up as people will only delay to roll out to the datacentre until this is complete.

  5. JohnGrenfell says:

    That's awesome!

  6. @Joe, I can not comment on what's coming in the future, but keep checking this space as we unveil things.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @Anurag do you have any comment about the ability to use App-V to deploy traditional volume-licensed Office 2013?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anyone experiencing outlook 2013 crashing of the pre-built office 2013 app-v 5 sp2 suite on any platform.

  9. Joe Robinson says:

    This is fantastic!  Are the final versions of Office 2013 (and possibly other products?) going to be available as App-V packages?  That would be a gigantic benefit of going with App-V!

  10. Paul Bell says:

    I had high hopes too but the way I read the article below is that folks with traditional, on-premises volume licenses will NOT be able to use App-V with Office 2013 at all.  If so, I consider it a huge stab in the back by Microsoft; we recently paid a small fortune to renew SA on our existing licenses and it looks like we will be trested as second-class citizens for buying Office rather than subscribing to it.…/2772509

  11. Valdi Hafdal says:

    I really cannot wait for the released.

    How about having the app-v 5 and office 2013 release  as a special Christmas present for me 🙂

  12. Kiran says:

    Can Office 2013 sequenced with Appv 4.6sp1 ?? How to include the KMS license information.??

  13. Fuzzy says:

    Any respond to "KIRAN" ?

    I would also like to be able to do it.

  14. Anurag Juneja says:

    Please see here for information on which versions of App-V can work with Office:…/2772509

  15. Andy Moss says:

    Is Office 2013 with App-V 5 SP2 supported with Applocker?
    Essentially we only wanted to publish office 2013 to certain users on RDS servers but KB2915745 states that the Office2013 AppV package must be deployed to each RDS server computer account (Global mode) rather than to specific users and groups meaning all users will be able to access the package.

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