How to remove File Type Associations on the App-V Sequencer

sbucciWhen using Package Accelerators with the Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 Service Pack 1 (App-V 4.6 SP1) Sequencer you end up with EXACT same package as the one used to create the Package Accelerator. In the case of Microsoft Office, you will end up with all the File Type Associations (FTA) for the latest version of Office (.DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX) as well as the original Office formats (.DOC, .XLS, .PPT).

File Type Associations can be edited on the Client and on the Management Server, but they can also be edited on the App-V Sequencer. If you created a package from a Package Accelerator, you may have a need to open a package to edit the File Type Associations.

Steps to Follow:

1. Revert your sequencer to the clean snapshot.

2. Copy the package you want to edit locally to the Sequencer

3. Launch the Sequencer

4. Select "Modify an Existing Virtual Application Package"

Modify an Existing virtual application package.

5. Select "Edit Package."

6. Browse to and Select the package you want to edit and click EDIT.

Select package to edit

7. Once the package is loaded browse to the OSD tab and select the application you want to edit from the "Select Application" dropdown.

Select Application to edit

8. Expand MGMT_FILEASSOCIATIONS>FILEEXENTSIONLIST and then FILEXTENSION until you find the File Type Association you want to delete.

file association

9. Right-click and delete the SHELLNEW first.

10. Right-click and delete the FILEEXTENSION.

11. Repeat as needed for additional File Type Associations.

12. Save the package.

13. Copy the package to the App-V Content Share.

More Information

How to Delete a File Type Association (client)

How to Configure Shortcut and File Type Association Behavior

Office documents may not open in the expected version when using multiple versions of Office with Microsoft App-V

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Steve Bucci | Senior Support Escalation Engineer

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