Clients encounter error code xxxxxx0A-200001CD when streaming RTSPS in Microsoft App-V

GrayAndYellowGearsHi everyone, we recently came across an issue with RTSPS streaming in Microsoft App-V and while it’s a fairly obscure issue that you’ll likely never encounter, we wanted to make you aware of it just in case.  This one happened to come up when a customer was deploying a large scale Microsoft Application Virtualization RDS scenario.  When the number of users on one RDS server would reach about 65 the clients would start receiving pop-ups similar to the following:

The Application Virtualization Client could not connect to stream URL 'RTSPS://servername:322/somepackage.sft'        (rc 1690140A-200001CD.


The System is too busy to complete the request. If the problem persists, please report it to your system administrator
Error code 1690140A-200001CD

We collected NTA logs and were able to determine that this problem was occurring when the channel ID was more than 255.  According to the RTSP RFC ( the channel will be 1 byte, thus a limit of 255 channel ID's.  In the APP-V client, we use a global channel ID list that is shared among all sessions on the client, so since two Channel IDs are used per user for each package you can potentially reach this limit after 60 to 65 client connections.

In this particular case, the customer did not really need to use RTSPS so they changed to RTSP and the problem was resolved.  If you determine that you need to use RTSPS and you encounter this issue, it is recommended that you scale to more servers to spread out the users rather than using less and larger servers with more users.

Jim Truchon | Senior Escalation Engineer

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Comments (2)

  1. tmangan says:

    This does not sound like the correct cause!  If the Channel Identifier was the issue, then this would also affect RTSP without TLS.  #fail

  2. Michael Bilodeau says:

    The Channel Id is only used with "Inline RTSP".  The App-V Server only uses Inline RTSP when TLS is used.

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