Troubleshooting slow SharePoint integration with virtualized Microsoft Office 2010 in App-V

ToolsA few days ago I came across an issue where my SharePoint site was taking a long time to load when I was using Microsoft App-V with Office 2010 and had the proxies enabled.

Let's start with a little background first. Once you install the App-V Deployment Kit for Office 2010 and enable proxies on the Office package, this will take over any integration with SharePoint and other Office products before 2010.  When you launch a SharePoint site, virtualOWSuppmanager.exe launches and this process will also launch virtualOWSSUPPHOST.exe.  These are the two processes that control the integration with App-V and the virtualized Office 2010. What happens is that there is a delay between Internet Explorer launching and the detection to launch the virtualOWSuppManager. 

We can try minimizing this latency by performing the following changes in the Office 2010 package.  The best part is that we don’t need to re-sequence the package, we can just open the package for upgrade and add a script to the OSD file for VrtualOWSsuppmanager.

Here are the steps:

1. Open the sequencer and select open for upgrade.

2. Continue the wizard (no need to start monitoring) until you get to the shortcut wizard.

3. Once the list of shortcuts is present look for “Microsoft SharePoint Client support manager” and expand the plus sign.

4. Highlight shortcuts and select edit locations


5. Point the program to the Start Menu\programs\startup


6. Continue the wizard and save the package.

7. In the folder of the package, locate the Microsoft SharePoint Client Support manager.osd and open it with Notepad.

8. Add the following script to launch every time the virtualOWSSuppmanager.exe shuts down

<HREF>"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization Client\sfttray.exe" /hide /launch "Microsoft SharePoint Client Support Manager 14.0.4763.1000"</HREF>

Replace the name of the application with the name you specified during sequencing.  The /hide will prevent the users from seeing the launch in the tray. If you don’t mind that you can remove this switch.  This will allow the process to be up every time internet explorer is launched minimizing the delay.

Hope this helps,

Alvin Morales | Senior Support Escalation Engineer

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Comments (1)

  1. joseph says:

    Thanks so much you are a lifesaver.

    However are there any plans to modify the proxies so that this isn't a problem anymore. The solutions seems to be a little bit of a bandaid as opposed to a fix.

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