App-V 4.6 Documentation now available on TechNet

image The documentation for Application Virtualization 4.6 is now available on the App-V TechCenter Library at In addition to the App-V 4.6 feature information, in this documentation release we have added a new Getting Started Guide which contains the Release Notes as well as the detailed procedures for installing and upgrading the system.  New Deployment and Upgrade Checklists have also been added to guide you through the correct sequence of steps necessary to install and test a new installation, and also to upgrade from a prior version.

Note: The main App-V 4.5 & 4.6 documents have been combined with any functionality that is specific to one release or the other called out as such.

The core documentation set now includes:

Getting Started Guide

App-V 4.6 Release Notes

Application Virtualization Deployment and Upgrade Checklists

Planning & Deployment Guide

Operations Guide

Online Help for Client, Server and Sequencer

These documents are written and kept up to date by myself and the other App-V UA technical writers and we welcome comments, questions and suggestions to help us produce the best possible documentation for you.  If you find anything missing or incorrect, or would just like to provide feedback for new content, please let us know by sending an e-mail to the App-V documentation feedback alias (  We also monitor the App-V Documentation Forum on Technet so that’s another way to provide feedback to us.

In addition, on the Application Virtualization TechCenter home page you’ll find links to other information resources including the “Upgrading FAQ”, White Papers and links to blogs.

Peter Ballantyne | Technical Writer

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    The TechNet links should be fairly permanent as that's essentially the official product documentation.  I'm not 100% sure that the exact same content is duplicated in our downloads but we have a lot of the product documentation as well as whitepapers here:…/bb676739

  2. MJ Almassud says:

    This is an excellent job to say the least.

    I am creating some documentation for the project I am working on here, which includes App-v as a major component, so I am referencing the link to your documentation.

    I hope this link stays intact, but if not could you please tell me where I can download a copy of it that's word format?

    Thanks a lot for the excellent job.


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