A PowerShell script to list all existing App-V package dependencies

image As I'm sure you're all aware by now, back in App-V 4.5 we first introduced Dynamic Suite Composition, a technology that allows you to link, or create dependencies between, multiple virtualized applications.  This is a powerful feature that allows multiple virtual applications to share the same virtual environment without having to re-sequence those apps together manually.

While this is a great feature of App-V that makes managing your virtual apps incredibly quick and easy, there's not an automatic way to see all the dependencies you've created in your environment.  With that in mind, I got a tip that one of our friends at Sepago created a cool PowerShell script that does just that.

I don't want to steal all of the authors thunder but I do have an example of sample output from this script here:

PS D:\> .\Get-AppVPackageDependencies.ps1 .\

Dependencies found:

DaveSoft_CopyRite_Vista.CopyRite -> Nvu
Opera -> Firefox_JRE

All packages found:

Name                                                   GUID
—-                                                        —-
Nvu                                                      3AAC7EE6-84C4-4021-966B-56C52FF95AAF
WinDirStat                                            3C5E1C59-D56E-4463-B9A0-5190034E6223
DaveSoft_CopyRite_Vista.CopyRite   4A7697E4-ED02-4D87-A8F0-88D7DEB914DE
Firefox_JRE                                         999E8458-D477-4975-B3C8-3BCE1252B991
Opera                                                   24D14B13-1838-45B2-9DAC-78D0A7432F69

You can get all the details and find the script here:


As always, this script is not made nor tested by Microsoft and we make no warranties or support it in any way, etc etc, but it's something that should make your life as an App-V admin a little bit easier.


J.C. Hornbeck | System Center Knowledge Engineer

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  1. Dattatraya Yalsangiker says:

    I am looking for a powershell command or a way through which i can generate a report of applications published through appv along with versions. Can you please guide.

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