A C++ program compiled using a virtualized version of Visual Studio 2008 may not run if debugging is enabled

image If using a virtualized instance of Visual Studio (sequenced according to the instructions at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/appvirtualization/dd334515.aspx), when users build a C++ project in Visual Studio 2008 with debugging enabled the compiled program may not run and produce an error in the console window and/or the interface:

ERROR in Visual Studio Interface:

"Unable to start program 'path_to_program\program_name.exe'."

"This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Review the manifest file for possible errors. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. For more details, please see the application event log."

ERROR in console window:

"The system cannot execute the specified program."

This problem does not occur when the project is set to release mode.

This is caused by the debug run-time modules not being captured inside the virtual application package because of how the Application Virtualization side-by-side process works during sequencing. The debug runtimes are not used, so they are left out.

In order to work around this, the user needs to install the debug runtimes on the local machine. They can be built out of Visual Studio 2008 as follows:

1. From Visual Studio, navigate to "File" - "New" - "Project."

2. Select and expand "Other Project Types," then "Setup and Deployment."

3. In the Visual Studio Templates area, select "Setup Project." Click "OK."

4. In the Project window, Right-click "Setup1" and select "Add" - "Merge Module."

5. Select all debug runtimes desired from the list.

6. Click Open

7. Right-click Setup1 and select "Build."

8. Execute the project. It will install the modules you selected.

Hope this helps,

Steve Thomas | Senior Support Escalation Engineer

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