App-V in Learning Mode This Week


Pictured from left to right: Michael Bilodeau, Sandy Gotlib, Scott Stearns, Lidiane Souza, Nidhi Doshi; Matthijs Gates

Several members of the App-V engineering team have made the trip West to Los Angeles for this week’s TechED 2009 North America.  We are all really excited to get the chance to spend the week talking about our product with customers. 

On tap for the week, we have five sessions of note.  Here is the full list of sessions with time and room information: 

· WCL320 “Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack: Planning the Deployment of Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5”  – Tuesday at 10.15am – 11.30am in Room 151

· VIR304 “Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack: Effective Management of Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 Clients” – Wednesday 8.30am – 9.45am in Room 411

· WCL310 “Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack: Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 Sequencing Deep Dive”- Thursday 8.30am – 9.45am  in Room 515a

· WCL03-INT “MDOP:  Microsoft Application Virtualization Discussion” – Thursday 10.15am – 11.30am in Orange Theater 2

· VIR310 “Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack: Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 Deployment Security Best Practices” – Thursday 4.30pm – 5.45pm in Room 515a 

If you have a chance, please catch one of the App-V talks or stop by and chat with us at the MDOP booth in the TLC.

Scott Stearns | Test Manager for the Microsoft Application Virtualization Team

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