Where to find the App-V Documentation

We’ve received some feedback that people may be unfamiliar with the location of the App-V 4.5 documentation, so if you’re wondering what documentation exists for the Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 products and where to find this on Technet, read on. 

The core documentation set includes:

Release Notes

Online Help for Client, Server and Sequencer

Planning & Deployment Guide

Operations Guide

These documents are written and kept up to date by myself and my team of technical writers and we welcome comments, questions and suggestions to help us produce the best possible documentation for you.  If you find anything missing or incorrect, or would just like to provide feedback for new content, we have made available a public email alias (appvdocs@microsoft.com) you can use.  We also monitor the App-V Documentation Forum on Technet so that’s another way to provide feedback to us.

In addition, on the Application Virtualization TechCenter home page you’ll find links to other information resources including the “Upgrading to 4.5 FAQ”, White Papers and blogs.

Peter Ballantyne

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    By buddy Peter Ballantyne pinged me earlier on to let me know that he posted some info ion where to find

  2. Anonymous says:

    I retract my last set of comments, though, they are still visible for everyone. 😉

    I don’t like "online" documentation as the primary source of documentation, however. Especially, I don’t really like technet for reading documentation (the tree view is unfriendly, but necessary for navigating easily). I _obviously_ didn’t see the plain and clear link to the upgrade documentation. While the documentation regarding the upgrade was a little "off" (the steps weren’t exact), I was able to upgrade my 4.2.1 Management Server.

    Despite my harsh comments, I do like this product. I just wish the documentation was on-disk rather than on-line.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is really no information in this documentation. Contrary, SoftGrid v 4.2.1 had all the help files shipped with the product.

    More importantly, there is no information regarding how exactly one is supposed to install these products, nor clear information on what is entailed with an upgrade from 4.2.1.

    With 4.2.1, there were 3 components (Console, Server, Sequencer). Now, there are 4. So what exactly is the upgrade scenario??

    To have a Volume License only feature (MDOP) which is purportedly supported, but no very accessible documentation is very poor support.

    I’m sorry if I seem harsh, but I have work to do and do not need to waste my time hunting down information on technet or on some obscure guy’s blog somewhere on the Net saying "what worked for him".

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