Potential issue upgrading a package sequenced on SoftGrid 4.2 with the App-V 4.5 Sequencer


Here’s another issue we came across during the 4.5 beta that I thought deserved a mention here since it’s something a few of you may end up trying yourself.  What happens is that when opening or upgrading a package sequenced on SoftGrid 4.2 with the App-V 4.5 Sequencer you may receive a Windows Installer error when you attempt to add a service pack or add another application to the package.  The MSI errors encountered are usually similar to the following:

2755 Server returned unexpected error [2] attempting to install package [3].

This can occasionally happen because when upgrading a package from SoftGrid 4.2 you may end up with a mismatch of Windows Installer system files that were included by default in 4.2 and the Windows Installer libraries locally installed on your sequencing workstation.

To resolve this follow the steps below:

1.    With the package open in the App-V4.5 sequencer, delete the following files from both “Files” and the “Virtual File System” tab by expanding the VFS\CSIDL_SYSTEM folder and highlighting and pressing the delete key on the following files:


2.    If you opened the package for Upgrade you will also need to delete these same files from the Q: drive.


3.    Once you complete the steps above, save the package and close the sequencer, reset the sequencer back to a clean state, then open this package up for an upgrade and complete your upgrade as you normally would.

That should do it.  I must also extend a special thanks to Michelle Foley for doing all the initial work and for sending this one to me.  Thanks Michelle!

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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