Group Policy Object (GPO) upgrade of SoftGrid may fail with Installer errors 1642, 1606 or 1603

I was going over some of the issues our SoftGrid/App-V support folks have been getting recently and I came across this client install issue that I thought some of you might be interested in hearing about.  This one involves getting 1642, 1606 and/or 1603 installer errors when upgrading an existing SoftGrid client to SoftGrid 4.2 or higher, and since I didn't see a lot of existing documentation on these errors I figured I could at least get it out on the blog for you all here.  A special thanks to Steve Thomas for documenting the original issue.


When previous versions of the SoftGrid Client are originally installed via GPO, a subsequent upgrade to the SoftGrid 4.2 may fail with 1642, 1606 and 1603 installer errors.  On the client you may also see the following error:

The SoftGrid Client could not be started.

An unexpected error was encountered. Please report the following error code to your System Administrator.

Error code: xxxxxx-xxxxxx 12-00006002

After this occurs, the SoftGrid client may become unusable and difficult to remove. If this happens to you then follow the steps below to successfully upgrade the SoftGrid client from version 4.1 to 4.2 via Group Policy.  If you are unfamiliar with Group Policy Objects please see the Related Articles section.

Before we start, an important point to remember is that the .MSI (Microsoft Installer) files for the new SoftGrid client should be in a share that authenticated users are able to access.   Each MSI file should be in a separate folder.  Once these are created, the MSI files can be hosted with minimal settings (HOST and DisplayName).



1.    Before beginning, make sure your target systems are part of the domain and in the Active Directory container, "Computers" or equivalent for your Active Directory structure.

2.    In Active Directory, create an Organizational Unit (OU) to host the GPO deployment called "OU-SoftGrid".

3.    Add both MSI's to the "Software Installation" portion of the GPO.  The GPO Editor should correctly identify that 4.2 updates 4.1.

4.    Test on a target system.  To do this, first logon to the target computer.

5.    Click on START>RUN and enter "GPUPDATE /FORCE"

6.    Restart the target system after the GPUPDATE completes.

7.    There should be a installation message at startup for SoftGrid.  

8.    On the client computer, verify that the upgrade was successful:

a.    Examine the verbose install log
b.    Verify the Client connects to the correct server
c.    Verify  "Refresh Server" works
d.    Verify application launches.

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Thanks Steve!

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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