How to sequence Microsoft Money 2007

I was browsing through the dark corners of some internal Microsoft App-V doc repositories the other day and came across a cool recipe for sequencing Microsoft Money 2007 that I thought you might be interested in seeing.  This was originally submitted by Madelinde Walraven, one of our top App-V Support Engineers over in The Netherlands, and from what I hear it's golden.  Regardless, as with all recipes posted here, we cannot make any guarantees regarding the suitability of the recipe to your particular environment so it's up to you to perform all necessary testing before rolling this out:


Recipe to package Microsoft Money 2007

Note: As with any sequencing project, be sure to read, understand and follow all best practices before beginning.

1. Copy the installation files for Microsoft Money to your sequencing computer.

2. Install the Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 Sequencer.

3.  Start the Sequencer and create a new package. If you want to deploy the application as an .MSI, select “Generate MSI on Save”.

4. Accept all the defaults in the Sequencer and click “Begin Monitoring”.

5. Install Microsoft Money by running Setup.exe.  Be sure to install to the Q: drive using a 7.3 folder name.

6. When you see the dialog saying that Money needs several operating system components, click OK.


7. Wait a few seconds and you will then see a DHTML dialog followed by MSI: preparing to install dialogs.  If you're patient you'll eventually come to the main Money install dialog (pictured below). It is not obvious but this is your last chance to select the path where you want to install Money.

You can select the path by clicking on the folder icon (bottom left) where it says, “Change where the files will be stored on my computer”.

Pick the correct location (Q:\<WhatEverYourPathIs>) and continue with the install.


8. After the installation, but while still monitoring, copy MSVBVM60.DLL from C:\Windows\System32 to Q:\<packageroot>\VFS\CSIDL_SYSTEM.

9. Return to the sequencer and click “Stop Monitoring” and proceed to the Application Wizard.

10. Launch Money, then close Money, then click Next to finalize the package.

11. Launch Invoice Designer, configure it the way you prefer and then close Invoice Designer.

12. Once the sequencing is done, go to the File -> Save menu of the Sequencer and save the package.

Now you're ready to deploy.  We've used this a couple times here and it seems to work pretty well so if you have plans to virtualize MS Money then hopefully this will help.

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was browsing through the dark corners of some internal Microsoft App-V doc repositories the other day

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